"Domain Trader is more than just software - it is a way to take your domaining business to the next level."

- Adam Dicker
- Founder and Owner of DNForum.com

Domain Trader - Domain Auction Module

The software's robust domain auction platform is capable of handling over a million domain auctions simultaneously. Domain Trader is not just a domain auction or sales tool. Instead, Domain Trader is an all-in-one domain marketplace software that provides comprehensive tools to allow you to:

  • Run live domain auctions from your website with the ability to set starting price, reserve and BIN
  • Add anti-sniper rule to prevent domain sniping
  • Make counter offers on domains
  • Admin and all users can send messages to other users, using the built-in messaging system.
  • Latest Auctions, Latest Entries, Latest Sales & Showcase Entries supported.
  • Supports SSL (Lets Encrypt & Premium)
  • New Blog function
  • Accept payments with Paypal, MoneyBookers and Google Checkout.
  • Full integration with Escrow.com API
  • Ability to have a fully automated domain purchase process from start to finish by buyer and seller, without admin intervention.
  • Ability to use currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY and any other currencies.
  • Ability to cancel/extend auctions.
  • Ability to add/edit/delete advertising banners.
  • Ability to add/edit/delete categories.
  • Ability to edit/delete email templates.
  • Ability to easily change the whole script to any language by translating the language file.
  • Front-end and back-end language switch options.
  • Ability to view completed sales.
  • Ability to sort domains by name, date added, status (active/inactive/pending approval), minimum offer and BIN price
  • Ability to add/edit/activate/deactivate/delete users.
  • Ability to add/edit/delete currencies for domain auctions.
  • Ability to easily search and edit phrases/templates/javascript/css from admin panel.
  • Your own payment system. Users can deposit funds straight into their Domain Trader account using PayPal, MoneyBookers and Google Checkout.
  • Ability to charge fees for listing domains.
  • Ability to charge fees for completed domain sales.
  • Ability to charge fees for showcase listings.
  • Ability to charge fees for domain certification.
  • Ability to charge fees for highlighted listings.
  • Users can view/delete offers they have received.
  • Users can add/edit/delete domains, manage details for the domains they added, view their parking revenue, domain sales, messages, billing and account information.
  • Ability to send mail to users via internal mail function or external SMTP server
  • Ability to show page rank for each domain
  • Ability to show Alexa ranking for each domain
  • Powerful domain import functionality allows you to bulk add all of your domains with their corresponding categories, prices and even descriptons.
  • Powerful domain search box lets users search for domains currently for sale by domain name (even partial), domain category, listing type, domain character length and more.
  • Manage all your domains & websites from one place - Domain Trader can easily manage significant domain portfolios of more than a million domains.


Domain Trader - Domain Parking Module

The software's powerful domain parking module has an extensive number of features.

Has your domain parking income declined over time and you are finally ready to take full control of your parked domains? You can do that and much more with Domain Trader's Parking Module. The module is the best domain parking software available on the market today. Some of its features include:

  • Keep 100% income you earn from your parked domains. No more sharing.
  • Cash parking has never been easier. Create parked domains or mini-sites with paid RSS feeds & Google Adsense. Finally take control of how your parked domains look.
  • Bulk park domains feature - easily add thousands of domains for parking within a few clicks.
  • Upload a file with domains you want to park and keywords for each domain, even if it's thousands of domains.
  • Ability to customize parked domains.
  • Ability to use ANY ads on the parked mini-sites, such as Clickbank, Commission Junction or any others.
  • Ability to use any HTML you want on your parked mini-sites.
  • Ability to edit keywords.
  • Ability to mark your parked domains for sale and automatically link to the domain listing page created by the Auction Module.
  • Supported XML feeds include: Affinity, Miva, Searchfeed, XML Revenue, Yahoo! Publisher Network, AdMedia and Bidvertiser.
  • Beautifully designed 3 default domain parking themes to choose from.
  • Ability to edit default domain parking templates.
  • Ability to import your own domain parking themes.
  • Ability to run your own domain parking company.
  • Ability to set a percentage of domain parking revenue to give to customers (from 0 to 100%)
  • Ability to import parking statistics from supported XML feeds.
  • Keep track of full domain parking statistics including views, clicks, revenue & RPM
  • Manage all your parked domains from one place
  • Domain Parking module seamlessly integrates with the Domain Auction module - you do not need any additional installations or domain names.
  • Why let domain parking companies pocket your domain parking revenue? Keep 100% of your revenue with Domain Trader!


Choose your license.

Domain Trader currently offers 3 types of licenses: Developer Owned , Developer Owned Unlimited and Developer Owned Unlimited Customized.

Domain Auction module
Domain Parking module
Ability to edit templates & CSS
Ability to import custom themes
Ability to import language files
Access to source code
Ability to remove copyright link
Premium Money Theme
Premium Fire Theme
Premium Responsive Theme
Upgrades and new features Unlimited Unlimited
Professional Support 1 Month Unlimited  Unlimited 
Custom Theme Change  Included
Price $399 (USD) $499 (USD) $1999 (USD)

Domain Trader has received 10 out of 10 based on 749 ratings.

Some of our clients include:

Server Requirements

The table below shows which components need to be installed on your server for our software to function correctly. If you are missing some components or do not have hosting available to you, please contact us.

Your server must meet the following requirements:

cPanel if you will use auction and/or parking module Plesk if you will only use the auction module
MySQL 5.0.5 + PHP 5.2.5 + (with CURL enabled)
Apache 2 + FTP access
SSH or Root access